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Pascal’s Wager

Blaise Pascal in Pascal’s wager states that we may know God without very well knowing him. He compares this to the number infinity and how numbers have to be even or odd and how we know there is infinity of numbers we just don’t know what that number is. Numbers are not finite like humans; they are infinite like God. We know the nature and existence of the finite because we are finite and we can’t understand something that is infinite if we ourselves are finite. We do know the existence of the finite, but we are ignorant of its nature because it has extension without the limits that we do. We know neither the nature nor the limits of God because he has neither of these characteristics. These are reasons why it is rational to believe in God.

            I believe Pascal’s argument can go either way because you can defend it or go against it. Everything he says of God and his existence is true. He is a finite being because he is outside of time, and we can’t know all of his nature. However, we can know little pieces of it from the help of the Bible. Pascal brings up a great point on why it’s acceptable to believe in God when he notes that we are active participants of life, not just observers. We participate in everything God created and everything on the earth for that matter. If I had to pick a side, though, I would agree with this argument of Pascal rather than disagree, I believe it takes more faith not to believe in things of God than the things of the world. There are still too many things out there in the world that we don’t know fully about and we never will. The ultimate being who knows about this world and universe is God because he created it and made it work the way it does. The universe and everything around us is one thing we have such a hard time wrapping our mind around. There are bits and pieces that make sense and we have figured out, but there’s so much more we have no idea about. For instance, the earth’s core is the same temperature as the sun, and we have no idea why that is.  There are so many things that we don’t comprehend that point to there being a God. Pascal does a great job of arguing the existence of God through explaining his nature and him being infinite. I agree with Pascal on his point about just God’s nature and how we can’t understand it at times. Just because we can’t understand God and his nature doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist. As Pascal points out in his argument, we are finite creatures, and finite creatures cannot understand what is infinite. The existence of God can also be based on our experiences with him in certain situations. For example, in my own life I have experienced God in several different ways. One of the ways is through prayer from others for a situation that was going on in my life, such as finding a job. God answered my prayer and gave me a great job working with troubled adolescents. I was also able to experience God through prayer for others and in my own life. When my girls were born we prayed every day for their health and existence even. We saw God do amazing things by allowing my wife to carry them so long even when medical professionals and skeptics doubted this faith we had.

            The main objection to the nonexistence of God is that there are evil and bad things in the world. This is the argument against the existence of God. Even though there is evil in the world, there can still be a good and loving God in existence. Some people believe that God is the one doing the evil, but that is completely against the nature of God to commit that act. Just because God allows evil to happen and come into existence does not mean he is the one doing the evil or taking part in it. I have heard this argued over and over and it seems as if this is the only answer people have for not believing in God. I believe that God allows evil so many people can have a testimony for the glory of God. For example, the father of one of my friends has had cancer for a while. He has lived much longer than the doctors told him he would. I believe God is using that as a testimony to proclaim his testimony to God even though he is in the situation or this inconvenience right now. I believe that these trials that people go through have a greater good and are almost always used for the glory of God and nothing else. This is one of the only objections that I could think of to where someone had a valid reason to say that God doesn’t exist.

            In the end I believe God does exist through his nature and through my experiences with him every day. Even though there is evil and pain in the world, there is still a loving, caring, and just God in existence. Pascal’s argument is right on point for the existence of God through him being infinite and through his nature.

     Pascal’s Wager

Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on its truth and it proves false? If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation, that He exists.

— Blaise Pascal

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I am married to my best friend Lizzy Wright and we have 2 beautiful twin girls Gwen and Harper. I work as a barista/Roaster at The Coffee Ethic and work as a Special Education Resource teacher at Republic School District. I have a masters degree in special education from Grand Canyon University as well as my Bachelors of Science in Youth Ministry. I hold to my classical christian beliefs. I am a new writer and co host on the blog and up in coming podcast called Table Theology. I am best friends with the other part of table theology Josh Morris and this where we talk about first hand issues as a part of the core of theology today in an authentic and real setting. This blog and podcast is to show that even though people have differing views we can still do life together and learn from one another.

1 comment on “Pascal’s Wager

  1. Start at the beginning Ryan. What leads you to believe in a god? What leads you to believe in this god? Why are your beliefs correct and others not?

    I will say that personal feeling or faith can yield any result at all when it comes to gods. Think of people of faith that don’t believe in your god. Faith does not bring the same result all the time.


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